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The bedrock of the Grandis brand and the real secret of our 125 year success has been our commitment to ensuring our customers happiness and satisfaction. A real source of pride for us is the high rate of customer loyalty that we enjoy. The reason for this is our amazing staff!

Our staff is dedicated to making your jewellery experience as pleasant and stress free as possible. Each member was personally recruited and mentored by the Grandis family to ensure that tradition continues. 

Grandis staff members are required to obtain a high level of professional certifications and have studied at both the Gemmological Institute of America and the elite American Gem Society. They are also required to pass a written examination each and every year to maintain their credentials. Our staff is the only one in this part of Ontario with this level of professional training and credentials. 

It's the perfect combination of really nice people who really know their jewellery and love what they do. We think that this sets us apart from other jewellers and you will too! .

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