A Man's Guide To Buying Diamonds


Find out what she has her heart set on. Try browsing with her, window shopping, watch her reaction to other women's jewellery. Go by her body language, not by what she says.




You want a diamond you can be proud of. So, don't be attracted to a jeweller just because of "bargain prices". Find a jeweller that you like and trust and don't be afraid to ask questions. A good jeweller will tell you about the importance of the "4cs". In order of importance they are;

Cut. Refers to the way the facets are angled, not the shape of the diamond. A better cut offers more brilliance. It is by far the most important of the 4 Cs as it can effect the price (the other 3Cs being equal) by as much as 50%! Just like any work of art, the better the workmanship used to produce the piece, the higher the price.

Colour. Close to no colour is the rarest. Colour grading of diamonds starts at D for totally colourless and goes all the way to Z. When a colour gets past Z it become what is referred to as a "fancy" and the price skyrockets because of their rarity. Coloured diamonds have seen a bit of a popularity surge of late for the girl who wants something different. Blue, coco and canary are the most popular. And don't dismiss a diamond because it shows a colour as low as KLM as they often have a "warm" personality to them that many women love, especially when set into yellow gold.

Clarity. Generally, the fewer marks or "inclusions" a diamond has, the more expensive and rare it is. However, overall clarity, along with the position and colour of the inclusions (white is better than black) only becomes an important factor when it interferes with the brilliance of the diamond.

Carat Weight. Refers to size. The larger the diamond the more rare. One carat are our most popular size.




There are many places to buy a diamond. Let me say this....I love the internet....as a source of information. Would I buy a diamond on line? Not a chance. The only way to search a diamond on line is to compare "certificates". However, certs are altered, misrepresented and truths are bent on a regular basis. We operate one of only seven certified gem labs in Canada and we do many appraisals. I have yet to see anyone get a better "deal" on line than they would get at a traditional store. We buy and sell diamonds for a living and would never buy a diamond until I have physically seen it.




Gor for it! Shop around both for a diamond and a jeweller. Go for a diamond that reflects how you really feel. Remember, the "technical stuff" is important and a trustworthy jeweller will guide you there, but more important is to find a diamond that will "talk to you". The diamond you buy will say all the things to her that you can't put into words. It will also tell the rest of the world how you feel about her. You want nothing less than a diamond as beautiful as that totally perplexing creature who will wear it! For more information on diamonds and mounting styles visit www.grandisjewellers.com or www.grandisgirlsrock.com


Reg Grandis owns and operates Grandis Jewellers in Petrolia. He is a graduate gemmologist, certified gemmologist appraiser and a registered master valuer.   

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